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Welcome to Cristos Health Care Services Inc.

Home Health Agency in Houston, Texas

Do you or your family feel overwhelmed by a recent medical diagnosis or prognosis?
Are you struggling medically and unable to keep up with your medications?
Do you or a loved one need more information about their prescribed medications?
Are you having trouble managing your health?
Did you or your loved one just got discharged after a major or minor surgery or long stay in the hospital, nursing home, or rehab facility?
Or do you need help with the health care needs of your loved ones at home?

Why not give us a call? Our trained nurses and staff are looking forward to getting to know you and answering your questions.

Cristos Health Care Services Inc. is one of the most reliable providers of skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas. The agency’s ultimate goal is to prioritize the needs of our patients.
As an organization, we pride ourselves in assisting our patients to reach their ultimate goals in their Activities of Daily Living. We are committed to providing great value to the lives of all our patients.

Insurance ACCEPTED

Cristos Health Care Services Inc. accepts payments through private pay and selected insurance.


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