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Author Archives: Louise Savoie


How to Help in Your Elderly’s Post-Op Care

Your senior loved one’s post-op care is as important as the actual surgery because of the risks of complications. That is why as loved ones to our elderlies, we should make it a point to plan for their recovery at … Read More ›


Signs of Wound Infection You Must Not Ignore

Knowing how to identify whether a wound is infected is important; especially when you have an elderly loved one at home who had just undergone surgery or who was injured following an accident. This lets you make the necessary proactive … Read More ›


Helping People Apply First-Aid and Attend to Acute Pain

People with acute health issues will temporarily have pain sensations. But as the condition heals, the pain will gradually subside as well. If your senior client experiences such, how can you manage home healthcare and attain faster healing? Applicat...

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Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Medications

There is a reason behind everything. Same as why you need to follow some rules when taking medications. Administering drugs in the wrong way can be dangerous to one’s health. Do you want to get well? So you want your … Read More ›


The Correlation of Pain and Pain Management

Pain is a complex protective mechanism. It is an essential part of evolution that protects the body from danger and harm. When our body suffers from an injury, we are bound to feel pain in the area affected, which can … Read More ›


Taking Care of Your Body as You Live with Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. It’s a medical condition in which your blood sugar level is beyond the normal range, and over time, it can damage the body’s organs. Although … Read More ›