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Diabetes Guide: Maintaining Good Foot Hygiene


When you have diabetes, you have a lot on your plate, and your feet may be the last thing on your mind. Approximately half of all diabetics have some form of nerve damage, with the nerves in your feet and legs being the most commonly affected.

When you have diabetes, you must take care of your feet. Amputation of a foot or leg may result from poor foot care. Our skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas can teach your diabetic loved ones how to maintain good foot hygiene and avoid further difficulties.

  • Inspect your feet.
    Examine your feet and toes. If you are unable to inspect your own feet, get someone to assist you. If you notice any sores, redness, wounds, blisters, or bruising, call your doctor or home healthcare assistants right away.
  • Wash your feet.
    Wash your feet every day in warm water with a gentle soap. Hot water and strong soaps can cause skin damage. Check the temperature of the water with your fingers or an elbow before placing your feet in.
  • Dry your feet.
    Pat your feet dry with a clean towel or drying cloth. Infections thrive in damp environments, so make sure to thoroughly dry the region between your toes.
  • Moisturize dry skin.
    Use lotion or oil if the skin on your feet feels rough or dry. Don’t use lotion between your toes.

Many home health agencies employ caregivers who can provide diabetic loved ones with expert support. They also help clients practice proper foot care habits to maintain the condition of their feet.

Cristos Health Care Services Inc. is a reputable home health agency in Texas that is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of individuals in the community and the surrounding areas.

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