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How to Help in Your Elderly’s Post-Op Care


Your senior loved one’s post-op care is as important as the actual surgery because of the risks of complications. That is why as loved ones to our elderlies, we should make it a point to plan for their recovery at home.

To help you, let us as a home health agency in Texas at Cristos Health Care Services Inc., list down the ways you can help your senior loved one as they heal and recover. Take a look below.

  • Fall-proof their home

    Aside from cleaning the home and rearranging furniture, you must also make sure to ensure the safety of their home by fall-proofing it. This includes but is not limited to installing grab bars and handle bars, removing clutter, and making sure that the darker areas of the place are illuminated.

  • Follow their discharge instructions consistently

    Take note of everything from their medication routine, caring for their wounds and surgery incisions, to knowing how to respond to a possible medical emergency.

  • Ask for help

    Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is normal. When this happens, be sure to ask for assistance from a provider of skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas, or elsewhere. This ensures that your senior loved one will get the care they need and give you time to de-stress and take a break.

We hope the list helped! For more like this and other home healthcare related tips, be sure to check back next time.

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