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How to Know If It’s Time to Enlist Home Healthcare Services


Everyone’s golden years will look a little different from each other. For some, theirs will be smooth sailing, while for others, they will need a bit of assistance.

If your elderly is the latter, know that needing assistance does not mean being resigned to doing the full-time job of taking care of them or sending them to a nursing facility.

You have the option of enlisting skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas to address their care needs.

Home health agencies serve as a more moderate option for our elderly loved ones who prefer to age at home but would need assistance on their day-to-day activities.

So, when do you know if it’s time to enlist a home healthcare provider?

As a home health agency in Texas ourselves at Cristos Health Care Services Inc., allow us to list down the ways you can know so:

  • Assistance with ADLs
    Needing help completing their activities of daily living or ADLs points to their decreased ability to take care of themselves independently.
  • Multiple ER visits
    Being hospitalized several times a year is a sure sign that your loved one needs skilled nursing care.
  • Fall incidents
    Falling once doubles your senior’s likelihood of falling again.
  • Chronic illness
    Having a chronic illness usually requires them to have skilled nursing to monitor them 24/7.
  • After an operation or a hospital discharge
    Post-op care is crucial to avoid rehospitalizations and to make sure that your elderly’s recovery is progressing normally.

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