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Nurturing Your Betterment Through Disease Management

Nurturing Your Betterment Through Disease Management

Disease management is a method of lowering healthcare expenses while enhancing the quality of care of those who have chronic medical conditions. Its purpose is to use integrated care to prevent or lessen the impact of the disease. Although it’s fairly new, specialists say that many people who are taking part in disease management programs have seen significant decreases in their healthcare usage and spending. Seeing its potential benefits, several home health agencies have also woven this program into their services.

Cristos Health Care Services Inc., a home health agency in Texas, believes it is imperative to convey useful information to those who may be interested. So, what exactly do you need to know? To begin with, disease management programs involve the following components:

  • Evidence-based practice guidelines to optimize patient care via preventative and proactive interventions.
  • Collaborative practice models to include physician and support-service providers, as well as skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas to cover for any gaps in the care team.
  • Patient self-management education which involves teaching ways to adhere to their medical regimen.
  • Process and outcomes measurement, evaluation, and management to gauge the program’s influence on the patient.
  • Routine reporting/feedback loop to ensure that patients are managing their conditions properly and receiving the care they require.

Does this appear to be what you need? See how you can benefit from this program, with us! If you’re looking for high-quality and multidisciplinary home healthcare, you don’t need to look elsewhere! Get in touch with us today and achieve your highest level of potential!

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