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The Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

The Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

Pulling up weights, doing push-ups, working with resistance bands—picturing your senior loved one doing all these strength or resistance exercises may be difficult to imagine. In fact, it may be the last exercise you would think to let your senior loved one do.

But building muscles is crucial at this stage of their lives. Muscles weaken with age, and not using them will lead to losing them. Since muscles are needed in performing daily activities, losing muscle mass can make independence difficult to achieve.

Still, we understand your hesitations about letting your senior undergo this form of exercise—after all, the risks of the exercise are real.

However, as a home health agency in Texas, we want to assure you that anyone, regardless of their age and condition, can benefit from strength training with the right guidance and with proper preparation. In fact, with regular training, your senior can reap the following benefits:

  • Improved bone density which prevents bone fractures and reduces the risks for breaks.
  • Increased muscle mass by reversing muscle loss and building muscle mass and strength.
  • Improved overall functional movement, reducing the need for assistive devices.
  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence by being able to do most day-to-day activities independently.

Of course, discussing with their physicians and home healthcare providers before undergoing strength training is needed to ensure their safety.

It may also be helpful to enlist the assistance of our skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas, at Cristos Health Care Services Inc., so they can be consistently supported as they go through their strength routines.

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