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Tips for Caring Patients With Urinary Catheter

Tips for Caring Patients With Urinary Catheter

Urinary catheterization is a method of draining the patient’s bladder by inserting the indwelling flexible catheter into the bladder through the urethra. Skilled Nursing Services in Houston, Texas assist in the preparation and management of the catheter. If you need help in administering it to your patient, you call the professionals.

When caring for patients who are using a catheter, you must remember to change it every 2 weeks. Home Healthcare Agency in Texas has a team of care specialists who can guide you with the changing process. You must remember the steps doing the patient care:

  • Clean the genitals

    There is a need to prioritize the genitals as this is the area wherein droplets of urine may be experienced. For men, the caregiver should retract the foreskin of the penis and clean away the skin. For women, the caregiver needs to separate the labia and always clean from front to back.

    Professional Tip: Dry the genitals using an aseptic cloth. Professionals from Home Healthcare can help.

  • Clean the catheter

    Hold the item firmly at the point it enters the urethra so it will not be pulled out. Start cleaning by the same area and move down the tube in the direction that is away from the body. Rinse the catheter with soap and water. You also have to dry it with a separate cloth.

  • Change the drainage bag

    The drainage bag holds the urine secreted by the bladder. This is an extension that can be removed by the caregiver when it is already full. Tightly press the button above the bag and slowly disconnect it. You can clean it with separate alcohol pads.

Home health agencies like Cristos Health Care Services Inc are here to help you remember these things. Please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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